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Since I have two small children, I started using a powder candle. It doesn't smell or soot and I can burn a candle more boldly. In addition, there is not so much residue and empty containers. And I really like watching these little grains melt.


 I like that it can be used in different containers. Burns well and for a long time. It seems that my man also likes it, because he would never lit a regular candle, but he does lit a powder candle.


I like that you can make you can create your own shape for the candle by using your own container. Good that it does not smell strongly and offers a beautiful change.


Pure romance! I've been using it for a long time, it's a good reason to take my grandmother's dishes out of the cupboard. My son lives in Barcelona and his friends are also thrilled. I'll be visiting them soon and it's a must-have in the gift-list. Roses are the most beautiful.


Really fun and convenient to use! I can choose which container I want, it doesn't smell and lasts for a very long time! You can also share it between several different glasses, goblets, etc. in. Burns very calmly and quietly... I am very, very satisfied !!! The case fits perfectly as it is at the moment. A cool invention! My sister can't stand scented candles - it's the best anyway!


 I like it because of the ease of use ..... I can choose just the right container. There is no soot and the experience is only positive.


I am a fan of powder candles, very suitable for families with small children and kittens. Can be placed in several containers so that no-one spills, odorless, suitable for allergics, a well-worthy invention. The case is also nice, suitable. Sweet, thanks!


I like the powder candle because I can use one container several times, I don't have one pot with each candle again, there is no soot and no black pieces fly in the room, odorless, comfortable to use.


Pour the powder, insert the wick, light the candle.

You will never need any other candles! With the powder candle You can create just the kind of candle You like.


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