Cookie policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which will be uploaded to your device when you visit a website using cookies. Cookies help us identify your device, upgrade our functionality, and simplify its use. Cookies are not viruses. Using cookies is entirely safe to your device as well as any information contained on it.

What are cookies for?

We use cookies to improve the functionality of our website and mobile app and make their use easier. We also use cookies to personalize your content and ads while browsing and to make offers relatable for you. Cookies allow us to analyze your browsing history and we use this information to offer you access to our services, for statistical analyses, for feedback, and personalized ads. We may forward this data to third parties which offer advertising services. The forwarded data will not contain any details which could identify your person.

Which cookies do we use?

Technical cookies. These cookies help us display our content on your device. We use these to maintain the functionality of the website and app and to adjust it to your specific needs, such as to fit the website design to the size of your screen. Technical cookies are necessary for a required performance of the website and app. Without these, we cannot offer you a complete use of our site and app. Technical cookies also make sure that once you have agreed to cookies, you do not need to confirm it each time you visit our website or use our app.

These cookies do not collect information about you for advertising purposes.

Functionality cookies. These are meant to improve the functionality of our website and mobile app and to make their use more efficient. They can be used to save the language settings of the selected site or app; they also help to automatically fill in registration date, save your shopping cart, and complete other similar functions you have selected.

These cookies do not collect information about you for advertising purposes.

Performance cookies. These help us get to know our site visitors and app users, so that we could adjust our functions to your needs. They help us analyze and improve our performance and make sure the content you see on our site is relevant. Performance cookies use non-personal information. Collected data can be used to display popular items or information about popular items or any other relevant browsing information. They can also be used to measure the efficiency of our ad campaigns.

Advertising cookies. We use these cookies to personalize your browsing experience, adjust the content, and make offers relevant just for you. Advertising cookies analyze browsing history which we use to make you offers. For example, if you bury a mobile phone, we can also offer you a suitable phone casing. Your impersonal data which excludes any personal identification may be forwarded to advertising third parties.

Third party cookies
We have carefully checked and selected a list of partners who have installed cookies which do now allow the retrieval of your personal data and cannot be related to a certain person, but which do allow for a smooth functionality. For example, these allow you to leave an anonymous comment or feedback about our services which we analyze via our partners.

How can I manage cookie settings?

You can manage cookies in your browser settings by selecting which cookies you accept and which you reject. You can reject cookies at any time by deleting them from the browser you installed them in. The location of the cookies depends on your browser. For more information about managing cookies, visit your browser’s website or watch a short overview about more popular browsers: ChromeMozillaEdgeSafariOpera.

You can also cancel cookies at any time by requesting it via emailing us or calling +372 55634266. When you cancel your agreement to using cookies, you also need to delete the cookies installed in your browser.

It is important to note that the website cannot be used if you reject technical, functionality, and performance cookies. Therefore, we do not recommend deleting or blocking passwords.